Kyle Gooding, freelance artist @ Funky Reptile


Block Ball has gone gold on Android and is available in the Google Play store for download. Some time this week this page will be discontinued and replaced with the official website.

Thank you again to all players for testing and the feedback.

New Version Available: Play Store page, vrs: Gold 1.0
This page will provide details some legacy details on how you can get started playing the game, controls, bug fixes and updates. if you need the controls and a brief run down on powerups and progression just check the manual here:

How to play

The objective of the game is to clear each level of blocks in order to proceed to the next level and get the highest score, Power-Ups will start appearing on level 2 onwards.

Touch Controls :
Tap = launch your ball on game start and respawn or access menu buttons
Hold + Drag = move paddle left or right along the screen, can press and hold underneath the paddle

Keyboard Controls :
Left Arrow or "A" = move paddle left along the screen
Right Arrow or "D" = move paddle right along the screen
Spacebar = launch your ball on game start and respawn

Mouse Controls :
NONE, and or click on the "back" and "pause" buttons

Any and all feedback / thoughts regarding the game are greatly appreciated, contact the devs via email: Contact the BB Devs

Date Patch Notes
Feb 14th game is gone Gold 1.0, released on Play Store
July 7th new everything! difficulties (easy norm hard, ultimate),levels (max 10), new; sounds art powers, assets, additional bug fixes, semi changed HUD layout
May 4th (be with you) new difficulty selections (easy norm hard),level select option and save option, slew of new power ups, interchangeable backgrounds, new music, additional levels (x10 @ each difficulty) additional bug fixes
Mar 17th New title screens, new button icons, new background image choices, level select option, brick helath indicators, level difficulty tweaks, paddle drag reduced, life down's will no longer spawn when plyer has 1 life left, additional bug fixes
Mar 4th Pause button, new 3d art assets, new texture assets, max brick health reduced, code / bug fixes
Mar 1st invite only test build; alpha art, x3 powerups, base music, no sfx, x5 levels